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Treasurer's Office



Darrin Hammock

Picture of our Assistant Treasurer, Rick Clark

Asst. Treasurer

Rick Clark

The Carey Treasurer’s Office takes our fiscal responsibility seriously to serve our community and its students to the best of our ability. It is the primary focus of the Board of Education, Superintendent and the Treasurer to work together to be excellent stewards of the taxpayer’s dollars while insuring that our students receive the best education possible.

The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the school district and is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the annual budget, financial forecasting, employee benefits, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, receipt, investment, accounting and disbursement of all types of public funds as required by law and in accordance with board policies. The Treasurer is not a member of the board, but serves as its secretary at board meetings.

Five-year Forecast Lookup 

SWSF and DPIA Plan SY2024 and SY2025

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